Google Keep Notes Exporter

As until now google has not created any feature to export our google keep note, I've made an excel app to do this. This video explains how to export your Google Keep notes created in into individual word documents using Excel Macro. This Google Keep app is also available for any of your Android devices and can be downloaded from Google Play.

This is actually just simple tool for you and easy to use, but it's cool. Now you don't have to worry about loosing your notes anymore and you can save the individual word docs into your google drive if you want. Just open your google keep notes page in you PC or Laptop and open this Excel App, do copy and paste and just click the Export Notes button.

  1. Your Google Keep notes.
  2. MS. Excel 2010 or later (but it should work in XL2007 though I haven't tested it yet).
  3. This Excel macro file called Google Keep Notes Exporter. (small size only: 43.6 KB)
Instruction on opening an excel macro-enabled worksheet (.xlsm):
  1. When the first time you open the file, click enable editting.
  2. Click enable macro / enable content button.
  3. You're good to go :)
Watch the video to learn how simple it is to use this cool app.

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