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This is my personal Blog. My first Blog to be exactly.
I really don’t know what to write and what to post or what to upload here, but I would give it a try.
Actually, I just wanted to learn how to create a Web page, so my friend told me to visit this site to explore it.
So… Here I am don’t know what to do… but soon or later I will be an expert on this…….. I think.
First Son
Ok, here we go…..
You can see on the right is my first son.  His full name is Amando Javier Auralio Hendropratidya (pretty long for a name :))
He is 8 years old boy in skinny little posture of him. He is 125 cm tall and have 17 kg of weight, but he can run so fast and also think fast, you can see it in his eyes.
He really like football specially futsal, he crazy about it and where ever he goes he always talk about it. His favorite position is “Striker”, he mentioned
that he had scored more than 3 goals in many games.
Mando also like to play PS II games, he can spend a half day playing the game.
He played too many games as his hobby so yet he never placed in top 10 ranking in his class, but his score in many lesson is not disappointed after all, even he sometimes can score 100 in many lesson.
Let’s hope he’ll make it better also in his school lesson.

The second is my first daughter, her name is Amanda Damara Auralia Hendropratidya.  You can see that the name is similar with my first son….. yes as you think it is, they are twins male and female, a wonderful miracle of nature blessed by God Himself.
First Daughter
Unlike Mando, Manda really loves pink color and so also she like barbie dolls.  She always cares about her personal things such as books, clothes, pens, and specially her dolls of course.
She is taller than his twin brother Mando, She weights 25 kg and 5 cm higher than Mando. Not to agile or in fact she moves slower and responds late about changes in the environment.
Sometimes she also can play PS II games too along with Mando to accompany him in tandem games, but she is not too crazy about it.
Her hobby is swimming although she still learning at this time, she is joining a swimming club in School right now.
She also love to dance too, despite nobody teach her how.
Manda record lesson in school is a runner up before Mando, she takes differently responded to all lesson in her own way.
Nevertheless she always shows improvement in school, sometimes she scored higher than Mando although overall she yet cannot compete with Mando.
But she has better view with hand work, and more patient which give her better result as her master piece of work.

Next is my third son from second pregnancy.  He was born in Jakarta on January 27th, 2007 and named as Giovanni Amadeo Pangestu Gusti (“Deo”).
His face is so cute so anyone who see him would say lot of good thing about him. What a handsome boy, he has pretty curved eyelash which match with his two big eyes.
As a boy, he is full of action and he is so talkative although until now he still cannot sound  “rrrrrrr”. He is so naive but creative so anyone who hear him mostly laugh.
Deo always follow rules and do exactly by book, so it is not so hard to teach him new things.
He could eat most anything (food), and he drinks a lot of milk from any kind of brand.  He could drink milk 7-8 times a day and eat 5 times a day not including snacks. So, no wonder he is Big and health.
But, inside he is a sensitive boy and a bit emotional about many things so… yes he cries often.
Let’s see what he looks like…
Third and Fourth Son
Above picture is Deo on the right and Aldo (Gege) on the left.
Yes… as you thought so… I have the fourth kid named Gege.  His full name is Joan Marie Geraldo.  Born also in Jakarta on December 28th, 2008. This boy has full energetic movement, he so active so we sometimes have to worry about him and watch him intensively.
Although he is only 2 years old he could climb and hang on any kind of fences, ladders, bars, hangers. So active he made a record in 50 active child book on facebook by posting his picture snapshot when he succeeded climbing up and hanging on our window bar.
He only cries on particular reason such as if someone take away his toys or if anyone mad at him or when he cannot find his mother or me. Overall he is a cheerful, active and smart extreme boy.

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