Mau tahu isi proposal yang menang bid Pekerjaan Freelance Online dan Full Dibayar Seperti Apa?

Ini untuk memenuhi janji saya mempostingkan contoh proposal dan diskusi proyek. Semoga transkrip pembicaraan saya vs employer dalam salah satu proyek ini, bisa menginspirasi teman-teman NEWBIE dan berguna. Ini mencakup cerita dari awal mengajukan bid, diskusi, klarifikasi, approval project award, create milestone, accepting project, sampai rilis pembayaran.
(catatan: ini adalah transkrip pembicaraan live chat, beberapa isi ada yang diedit karena private & confidential)

Berikut adalah Proposal Bid yang saya ajukan (sample saya upload ke dropbox, dan link-nya saya tuliskan dalam proposal). Straight to the point, langsung kepada kerjaan, tanpa introducing segala macam:

danielgpratidya Description: Indonesia 4 hari yang lalu

Hi, You might want to review my sample made from your file. Please download it from:
1. Press ctrl+q to pop up the user interface
2. Dropdowns selection are populated from sheet2 and sheet3
3. Mouse hover the buttons to see their functions
4. When you select a store number, all corresponding fields in the below frame will be shown. You may see the codes after we finished this project properly. Let me know where should we go from here :)

Cheers, Daniel

Employer starts to respond:

proposal saya berhasil menarik perhatian employer, hore! :D

jlebo16 4 hari yang lalu I like this. Can you make the dropdowns not forced so user could type in? Also, I would like user to be able to change store information, for single data entry (not in sheet2).
jlebo16 4 hari yang lalu I just need something functional to present in 24 hrs. Would like to change colors a little and have it working, does not need functional mods requested, just functionality. Can you make this happen?

Cepat-cepat saya jawab dengan menawarkan kemungkinan-kemungkinan yang ada untuk menyelesaikan proyek si employer sesuai keinginannya:

danielgpratidya 4 hari yang lalu Yes, I can change the dropdown behaviour so user could type in.
Yes, you are free to change any colors of the form's theme (just tell me what's in your mind and I'll change it).
Yes, I will finish this application in about 2 hours once I understand all of your requirements.
Though I still don't understand the work flow yet, please let me know.
Not sure yet what you meant by Store Information, is it sheet1 or sheet2?

Bahkan dengan cepat pula saya siapkan pilihan sample yang lain:
danielgpratidya 4 hari yang lalu Or is it that you only wanted to show data which match dropdown selections? If so please review the attached file.
Press Ctrl+L this time, and you'll see another popup box which contains 3 dropdowns.
You can either select just one of them or just two of them of even all three and click Load Data button, and you will see all data (based on sheet1) filtered as per your selection in a sheet called 'results'.

Setelah pesan dan sample saya yang terbaru, proyek ini pun kemudian di-Award kepada saya, dan berikut adalah respon saya karena belum ada jawaban lebih lanjut dari employer:
danielgpratidya 4 hari yang lalu Hi, thank you for the award, so which file do you need?

Akhirnya dia pun menjawab:
jlebo16 4 hari yang lalu Would like to keep original layout of form but change the red to a bronze/gold color Hex#cea064. I like the typing of input for store and quantity, on second file but I like the initial layout with all of the store information in the originally red section of the form. Store information = phone, fax, address1, address2, address3, citystzip. This data is being auto filled from sheet2 based on the store number.

Setelah jawaban dari employer di atas, saya pastikan lagi dia minta yang mana!
danielgpratidya 4 hari yang lalu You mean you need the 2nd file where it creates a 'results' sheet? but wanted to show those store information in the form?

Berikut jawabannya:
jlebo16 4 hari yang lalu I definitely want the store information in the form, I think I like everything about the first file except the forcing of all data. I want them to be able to continue adding names without leaving the form until all 50 or so records are completed. Let me back up to the begining of the story -- The end user is typing data to appear on a business card. They want to select the store number and have all the information auto populate for that store, then type the person's name, and select their Job Title. At the end of entering all the data they want to be able to have a spreadsheet to send on to print shop. They will be
jlebo16 4 hari yang lalu They (the print shop) will be using the data into a data merge to generate the card.
Oke, meskipun saya sekarang mengerti saya pun masih menanyakan utk konfirmasi ulang:
danielgpratidya 4 hari yang lalu Ok, so this data entry form is for the user adding records into sheet1, is that correct?

Jawaban dia sebagai konfirmasi:
jlebo16 4 hari yang lalu Yes.
jlebo16 4 hari yang lalu Sheet2 and sheet3 are there for the autofill lookups.

Nah! Jelas semuanya sekarang, dan saya bisa mulai mengerjakannya:
danielgpratidya 4 hari yang lalu ok, will be ready shortly, don't go anywhere :)

……..waktunya bekerja……..

Setelah beberapa saat, saya pun SELESAI mengerjakan proyeknya dan langsung kirim ke employer:
danielgpratidya 4 hari yang lalu Ok, let's try this one

danielgpratidya 4 hari yang lalu Is that possible if you give me your analysis on the file in max 1 hour? If not, you can just leave your comments here and I'll take a look tomorrow morning. It's already very late here.
But if you still need me, I will be available until max 1 hour from now.

Berikut adalah tanggapan employer setelah melihat dan test hasil kerja saya:
jlebo16 3 hari yang lalu Okay this looks really good but I think I need to make a couple minor changes before I present this. Can you add a "clear form" button that removes all data from the form? Also, I would like to do this clear form action after you click "Add New Record". I may have a couple more changes after I talk to the client on this.
jlebo16 3 hari yang lalu I need these changes 24hrs from now, so if you would like to do them in the morning that is fine with me.

Tanpa menunggu lama, saya langsung kerjakan perbaikannya:
danielgpratidya 3 hari yang lalu clear form button will be ready in 5 minutes

……..waktunya bekerja……..

Dan setelah selesai, saya kirim lagi versi yang terbaru ke employer, lengkap dengan penjelasan tentang hasil pekerjaan saya (cth: bagaimana cara menggunakannya, dll)
danielgpratidya 3 hari yang lalu Here you go, just message me if you need more changes.

danielgpratidya 3 hari yang lalu O ya, I forgot to tell you, when you click Add new record, the store information in sheet2 will also be updated, so if you make changes in the store information section of the form, the corresponding row of sheet2 for that store number will be updated too.
And also when you enter a new store number which doesn't exist in sheet2, you will be asked either to add it into sheet2 or not, if you select NO, then it won't be posted either in sheet1 or sheet2 (considered to be a cancel add action).

……..menunggu respon……..

Tapi lama sekali dan tidak ada jawaban Hmmm.... kenapa nih? setelah kirim file, kok gak ada respon lagi? mencurigakan, tapi harus TETAP POSITIVE THINKING! Saya pun mengirimkan pesan lebih lanjut...
danielgpratidya 3 hari yang lalu Hi, any issue?
Just to make sure that everything's suit your requirements, so I can deliver to you the full version file (with no restriction to the function or codes).
I beg your pardon that I haven't accepted this project as the bid is only 1 day, and I need to make sure that I can complete this project within time frame (important to my on-time rate).
So, is that possible if we settle this project before tomorrow? If not, no problem, we can settle this next monday. However, this project will be automatically rejected and your milestones will be refunded. You can re-hire me after then also we can still communicate via this message system.

Dan akhirnya employer pun menjawab, tapi dengan meminta perubahan lebih jauh lagi:
jlebo16 21 jam yang lalu Okay, I presented this to my boss and they really liked it. We can settle this part in the next day now but I do need some changes below, in order of importance. Any changes after this set I can pay more for-- if end client decides to purchase our business cards they will have changes, but I can spend more then. For now, please complete as many of the tasks below as you feel is fair for what we are paying this round. Keep in mind if our solution is chosen, I can overpay you a little for the next set of changes. The better we can make this initially the more likely they are to choose us!

First, I really need a new file that is not showing the trial expiration message, this is being presented to end client on Tuesday.

Second change, can you add a button that says "Complete My Order", this would create a new .xls file with all the data from sheet1. The filename should be "BC-OrderNum-" followed by a unique number, this number can start with 1 and should continue consecutively for each order. I need this number to also appear in the spreadsheet along with the date it was generated. Once the data has been exported to the new spreadsheet, the original sheet1 should be cleared of all business card data.

Third change, they would like to not press the "load store information" button. Can you make this load when the user moves the curser off the store number form field?

Fourth change, I will need to calculate the final price somehow on the exported spreadsheet. Price will be based only on "quanity" of each row. For example, 1000 = $30, 500 = $25, 250 = $22. I do not have the actual prices though, do you think we could calculate it based on a lookup table on sheet3?

Kelihatannya banyak, ada 4 perubahan, tapi sebenarnya itu semua MUDAH :D, jadi langsung saya kerjakan dan kirim balik lagi:
danielgpratidya 7 jam yang lalu Ok, all done!

I have extended the trial expiry date until wed 11/20/2013 so the message won't be popped up until then.
However, if you are ready to release the full milestones today, I will accept this project and send you the full version file (you'll have all access you need including viewing the vba codes and also the expiry date block will be removed). 

Saya tambahkan dengan menjelaskan tentang work term saya, dan berikan garansi utk perbaikan:
All of my products are lifetime guaranteed as long as in the scope of project's description and last discussion.
So if you encounter any issue in the future regarding this round, I'll be glad to fix them without any extra cost :)
All I need is just you to release the milestones before dateline and post review about your experience working with me.

Update in ver 2.0:
1. A unique number and a date will be recorded in Tab Completed Order after 'Complete My Order' button is clicked.
2. Final Price calculation will use a Vlookup to Sheet3 (column C).
3. The new created file will be placed in the same folder where you place this macro file.
4. You can find The Final Price in Tab 'Final Price' of the new file.


Setelah perubahan, yang saya kira ini produk akhir, TERNYATA masih ada KESALAHAN, berikut employer report kepada saya:
jlebo16 4 jam yang lalu The interface looks great. I am getting an error when clicking "complete my order". Runtime Error '9': Subscript out of range. It seems to occur just as the new file is created and before it is named.

Aneh… padahal di computer saya ini bekerja dengan baik. Lalu saya tanyakan balik ke employer utk memastikan bahwa kita bekerja di tempat/kondisi/file/sistem operasi yang sama.
danielgpratidya 3 jam yang lalu Hmm... not sure I understand the problem because I didn't find any error with it here. Could you please send me the file after you run click that button? and also the screenshot when the error occur.
danielgpratidya 3 jam yang lalu Are you using XL 2007?
danielgpratidya 3 jam yang lalu Alternatively, could you please try this version and let me know if the error still occur.
danielgpratidya 1 jam yang lalu And here's another version to try, I think this time it's gonna work well. But let me know if it doesn't.

Setelah saya coba kirim beberapa pilihan versi file utk mengatasi masalah si employer, jawaban dia pun masih ada ERROR, wahhhh… cape Deh :)
jlebo16 1 jam yang lalu Still getting error, using version2013.
jlebo16 1 jam yang lalu I have attached files after error, as well as screen shot of error.

Ahh...akhirnya dia kirim screenshot dari desktopnya:

Lampiran file: 

Nah, ketahuan deh apa yang membuat ERROR, dan dengan cepat saya buat Error Handle nya dan kirim balik dengan keyakinan saya 100% tidak akan error lagi:
danielgpratidya 52 menit yang lalu I think I know what's going on here, let me fix this.
danielgpratidya 37 menit yang lalu This one will work perfectly :)

Dan ini jawaban si employer sebagai final confirmation :)
jlebo16 7 menit yang lalu yes sir, thank you! I am ready to release your milestones now.

Finally, milestone dirilis ke Akun saya….dan saya kirimkan file full version utk si employer dengan melepas pembatasannya. Amin….. :)
danielgpratidya 3 menit yang lalu Great. Thanks.
I already accepted the project and you can find the unlocked version at File Tab of this project's page.

Akhirnya selesai, dibayar dan saya mendapatkan penilaian 5 bintang dari employer ini sebagai review dan juga bonus atas hasil kerja saya yang sangat menakjubkan untuknya :)

Susah? atau Mudah? yang pasti perlu proses dan tidak ada yang semudah membalikkan telapak tangan untuk mendapatkan hasil kerja online di Internet.

Pasti dari teman-teman ada yang tambah jelas tapi banyak juga yang tambah bingung hehehe... jadi silakan bertanya agar tidak sesat di jalan.

Daniel G. Pratidya

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